In times of high growth, you need the right team

With very few exceptions, if any, organisations the world over regularly bring in outside help. The reasons are many and varied. Perhaps it’s to assist with understanding the dynamics of a new international market, or maybe specialist legal advice around mergers and acquisitions. Whatever the reason, turning to others to help out is often the line of least resistance.

It could take days, weeks, months or longer to build up the necessary domain expertise to address the intricacies of, for example, building a new go to market channel in an overseas geography. There are many experts with the experience, the skill, the knowledge and the contacts to help circumnavigate what could otherwise be a treacherous path.

Here at Seal Software Group, we recognise that we’re no different. Like many organisations, we’re experiencing dramatic, high growth, and in order to ensure we keep on track, we’ve recently made two announcements of our own. Måns Hultman recently joined our Advisory Board, bringing more than twenty years experience of helping steer high growth tech companies through the challenges that expansion, new markets and new channels can bring. Måns clearly believes in Seal, as he’s also become an investor. Read the full announcement here.

We also announced that Andrew Isherwood has joined the Seal Software Group board. Andrew has racked up over twenty-five years service with global IT firm HP. His experience of the global enterprise software and services market is invaluable to a firm like Seal. Read the full announcement here.

In many ways, there are comparisons to draw between Seal assembling the right team to help us with our continued growth plans, and what we do for our customers. Many of our customers have challenges around growth, organic or via mergers or acquisitions, and could continue to rely on manual processes that are often slow and painful in order to ensure they are fully aware of the contract landscape of their organisation. They could manually manage renewals, renegotiations, critical events and milestones around their contracts – or they could assemble the right team and bring in Seal.


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