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22 June 2011
Dolphin Software announces the availability of Dolphin Contract Manager 2.2

Dolphin Software today announces the release of Dolphin Contract Manager 2.2, a minor release to its market leading Contract Lifecycle Management solution for Microsoft SharePoint environment.

The release of Dolphin Contract Manager 2.2 includes a number of functional and technical enhancements that will enhance Dolphin Contract Manager’s scalability, security and will make it even more relevant to contracting professionals in the enterprise.

The following list contains some of the key highlights of this new release:

  • Internationalization support with rapid generation of local language interfaces
  • Dolphin Metadata Manager enhancements, including:
    • Fully editable and configurable metadata fields
    • Mandatory, read-only, look-up metadata field settings
    • A new concept of Private metadata
    • Enhanced security trimming for Contract Party and Parent Contract views
    • Metadata field validation
    • Support for external data interfaces (Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics applications, Oracle, etc.).
    • Configurable Reporting Dashboard

For more information and to arrance a demonstration of Dolphin Contract Manager, contact 

21 June 2011
Dolphin Software and Content and Code partner to deliver Contract Management solutions to leading UK organisations

Dolphin Software and Content and Code, a two times Microsoft Global Partner of the year award winner, have formed a strategic alliance to deliver world-class Contract Management and Contract Discovery solutions to leading UK public and private sector organisations.  Further information can be found at

Dolphin Software and Content and Code will be hosting a free-to-attend webinar on Using Microsoft SharePoint for Contract Lifecycle Management.  Details are listed below and on

Date:                Wednesday 6 July 2011
Time:              10:00 BST (UK time)
Register at:

11 May 2011
Dolphin Software and Alliance Life Sciences announce new free-to-attend webinar:  Driving towards an effective SharePoint-based Contract Lifecycle Management Program

Date:                1 June 2011
Time:              1 pm EST
Register at: 

29 March 2011
Dolphin Software launches automated contract audit service

Dolphin Software has launched what it believes to be the world’s first ever one-off automated legacy contract audit service, providing an entry-level introduction  for companies considering implementation of contract management.  This standalone services is designed to be the first step in helping companies to identify the scale of their contractual obligations.

For further information, please visit:

28 March 2011
Dolphin Software announces new webinar:  Managing contract obligations across the enterprise

Contracts often contain commitments and obligations that need to be tracked and managed to extract maximum value from contracted relationships.  For many companies today, managing contract-related obligations effectively is an area that should be addressed.

In this webinar we talk about:

  • Extracting obligations from contracts
  • Creating and assigning new obligations
  • Dolphin closed-loop obligation compliance
  • Alerts and obligation compliance

This event is free to attend.  To register, please visit:

23 February 2011
Dolphin Software announces web seminar series: Understanding your contract landscape
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 – 10:00 GMT for Europe and 11:00 EST for Americas

If you are thinking about improving your contract management processes in 2011, think first about your existing legacy contract landscape:

  1. Do you know exactly how many active contracts your company has?
  2. Do you and other key stakeholders in your company have visibility of all contract milestones, commitments and obligations?
  3. Can you demonstrate to your senior management team that all contract related commitments and obligations have been complied with?

In this webinar you will learn about how Dolphin Software’s unique Legacy Contract Discovery software solution is helping companies all over the world to gain control and visibility over their legacy contracts and commitments.

For further information and to register, visit:

1 February 2011
Dolphin Software announces new web seminar series:  Using Microsoft SharePoint for Contract Lifecycle Management
Tuesday, 15th February 2011 11am EST
/ Tuesday, 15th February 2011 10am GMT

Contracts govern the way that companies conduct business relationships with each other. As business becomes more international, contracts and agreements become more complex – with terms, conditions, milestones and obligations to keep track of and manage.

For more information and to register, visit:

20 January 2011
ECM industry veteran Dan Kehoe becomes VP North America for Dolphin Software
January 2011

Dolphin Software has announced that Dan Kehoe has joined as Vice President for North America. Until recently Global VP of Channels for Open Text Corporation, Dan has a 20-year track record in the enterprise content management (ECM) market.

For further information, visit:

3 November 2010
Dolphin Software announces the release of Dolphin Contract Manager 2.0

Dolphin Software has released the next generation of its Dolphin Contract Manager solution for Microsoft SharePoint.  Dolphin Contract Manager 2.0 includes a number of significant enhancements that will make our solution more competitive in the market place and more attractive to customers, like improvements to the way that we manage contract metadata, amendments and obligations, as well as significant enhancements to our reporting and dash-boarding functionality and the introduction of Dolphin AutoCapture module for capturing and extracting data from legacy contracts.

For more information, visit:

25 October 2010
Dolphin Software announces two new customer case studies

Read all about how one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, Etihad Airways and Valve Software, a leading developer of computer games (including Portal and Half Life), are using Dolphin Contract Manager to automate their contracting process and gain better control over contracted commitments.

Read more here:

7 October 2010
Dolphin Software and Hilderbrandt Baker Robbins annouce London seminar on Tuesday 19 October 2010:  Aligning legal to the business through better contract management.

Most large companies have 20,000 – 40,000 contracts and Gartner estimates that 60-80% of business transactions are governed by contracts or compliance failure. Yet only 1 % of companies have implemented contract management software to centralise, automate and control the process. Frequently, the law department helps negotiate, manage and enforce many or most of these high-profile, high risk contracts. Still, in most cases, the law department does not have a system or facility to track, manage and report on such engagements.

What the seminar will cover
This session gives attendees access to industry experts on the topic of contract management and demonstrates a world-class contract management system designed for law departments and lawyers rather than procurement personnel. A round table discussion format allows attendees to converse with these experts to fully understand the logic and value behind contract management for lawyers.

To register your place and for more information, go to:

6 October 2010
Hildebrandt Baker Robbins Joins Dolphin Software Alliance Programme To Service the Growing Market for Contract Management Solutions

Hildebrandt Baker Robbins, leading consultants to the legal industry, and Dolphin Software Solutions Limited, leading provider of enterprise contract management software, together announce that Hildebrandt Baker Robbins has joined the Dolphin Alliance Programme to facilitate implementation of Contract Lifecycle Management solutions for Corporate Legal Departments.

Read more here:

20 September 2010
Dolphin Software and ARX announce webinar series:  Save over a week of contract processing time with
Dolphin Software & ARX CoSign Digital Signature Solutions

Dolphin Contract Manager for SharePoint is changing the way organizations create, approve and manage contracts.  Integrated with ARX’s industry-leading CoSign® digital signatures, the solution fully automates the contracting process by eliminating the time-consuming steps of printing, manually signing, routing, storing, scanning, and reloading scanned contracts into the system. Learn how this integrated solution can save your organization valuable time and money.

First webinar, Wednesday 13 October 2010.

Places are limited so register now to reserve your place by registering now at

20 March 2010
Corporate Counsel Exchange 2009

Dolphin Software will be attending General Counsel Exchange 2009 in Brussels, Belgium on April 18-20 2010.  More information at:

2 October 2009
Corporate Counsel Exchange 2009

Dolphin Software will be attending Corporate Counsel Exchange 2009 in the Hague, Netherlands on October 25-27 2009.  More information at:

15 September 2009
Dolphin Software joins forces with ARX to enable digital signatures on contracts

Reading, UK – Dolphin Software has announced that it has become a partner to ARX, the  leading digital signature solution provider.  Customers of Dolphin Contract Manager for SharePoint will now be able to easily apply the CoSign® standard digital signatures on contracts, without the risk of fraud or the time-consuming need to revert to manual or paper-based processes.  For further information, please visit

7 August 2009
Dolphin Software and Gimmal Group Webinar:  Contract Lifecycle Management in Microsoft SharePoint

Date: Tuesday 25 August 2009
Time: 11:00 EST/10:00 CST/08:00 PST/16:00 BST/17:00 CET)

Register here

Do you only look for a contract when there is a problem?  According to Gartner Group, contracts underpin between 60 and 80% of business-to-business transactions, but contract processes in many organizations remains a manual process that results in frequent delays in finding and managing contracts from draft, to negotiation, to meeting milestones and obligations.

Dolphin Contract Manager from Dolphin Software provides contract lifecycle management solutions within the familiar environment of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 2007.  The SharePoint centric software coupled with Gimmal’s deep experience in planning, implementing, integrating and sustaining ECM/RM programs and SharePoint solutions provides a seamless solution for contract lifecycle management.

Register now to gain an understanding of how to:

–  Avoid unnecessary contract-related costs
–  Increase visibility into contracted commitments and obligations
–  Easily meet regulatory compliance
–  Provide stakeholders with real-time information about contracts

18 May 2009
Dolphin Software announces the public launch of Dolphin Contract Manager, a new Contract Lifecycle Management solution for Microsoft SharePoint.

Dolphin Software also announces its first customer, Ontario Northland and the following partnerships and alliances:

United States:

  • Gimmal Group:  based in Houston, Texas Gimmal are Enterprise Content Management and Microsoft SharePoint solution specialists.  Gimmal Group has consultants and offices across the United States
  • Mindlance:  based in New Jersey, Mindlance specialise in Contract Management consulting and process redesign and will work with Dolphin Software customers to define and streamline their contracting processes.

United Kingdom:

  • ICS Solutions:  based in Basingstoke, ICS Solutions are one of the leading systems integrators for Microsoft SharePoint in the United Kingdom.
  • Triad Group:  based in London and Godalming, Surrey Triad Group is also a leading systems integrator for Microsoft SharePoint in the United Kingdom


  • Spanish Point Technologies:  based in Dublin, Spanish Point is Ireland’s premier Microsoft SharePoint systems integrator partner.  Spanish Point Technologies is also a past winner of the Microsoft world-wide partner of the year award in 2007 for Microsoft Information Worker solutions.

5 May 2009
Dolphin Contract Manager 2009 for Microsoft SharePoint is now available for deployment

Dolphin Software announced today that Dolphin Contract Manager 2009 for Microsoft SharePoint is now available for deployment.

Dolphin Contract Manager 2009 is a Contract Lifecycle Management solution based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

Visit the Dolphin Software website for more information or e-mail us at[no spam] (please remove the [no spam] to send mail.


2 April 2009
Dolphin Contract Manager 2009, a new Contract Lifecycle Management for Microsoft SharePoint will be released at the beginning of May 2009.

Dolphin Contract Manager will provide world-class contract process automation and control, combined with the legindary user friendliness of the Microsoft Office and SharePoint 2007 platform.

For more information, visit: or e-mail us at:


Dolphin Contract Manager launching soon …

Dolphin Contract Manager, a new comprehensive Contract Lifecycle Management solution for Microsoft SharePoint will be launching soon.

Dolphin Contract Manager will change the contract management landscape forever by combining market-leading contract automation functionality with the legendary user friendliness of the Microsoft Office SharePoint platform.

See for more information or e-mail to register your interest.


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